Monday, January 22, 2018

Quilter Experience Quiz - Just for Fun

Did you start your foray into the quilting world with a small project kit, or jump in with a full size quilt choosing your own fabrics?  As you continued on your quilting journey, have you stuck with your first gratifying processes, or have you branched out and explored?

Score one point for each thing you have done, tally those points and check the results to see what kind of quilter you have become.

Pieced quilt
Appliqued quilt
Crazy quilt
Modern Quilt
Landscape Quilt
Sampler Quilt

Miniature Quilt
Table Runner
Wall Hanging
Baby Quilt
Lap Quilt
Bed Quilt

Mug Rug
Bag or Tote
Panel Quilt

Jelly Roll Quilt
Charm Quilt
Layer Cake Quilt
Scrap Quilt
Whole Cloth Quilt

Hand sewn binding
Curved binding
Scalloped binding
Prairie points
Magic binding (flange or piping)

Used your own pattern
Done your own quilting
Hand quilted

Entered a quilt in a quilt show
Entered a quilt in a county fair
Won a ribbon in a quilt show
Won a ribbon in a county fair
Gifted a quilt
Sold a quilt
Donated a quilt

*Bonus points!!!
Anything not listed here, but for the points to count you must share what it is in the comments.


No fair reading until you tally up your points.
Did you tally up your points?
Seriously, tally up your points first!

01 - 10   You are an expert in your area.  Doing the same type quilt with the same methods you have probably learned lots of tricks to make things easier and better.  You should share your knowledge.  Your solid foundation and the confidence it has brought you will help if you decide to learn a new skill.

11 - 20   You are flexible and growing as a quilter and have an understanding of more than the basics.  You should share your knowledge. You probably have lots more on your "I want to try that" list that next year will be on your "done that" list.

20 - 30   You have a wealth of experience.  If you don't know how to do it now, we'll just check back with you next week when you do. You should share your knowledge.  Your sense of adventure and natural confidence has probably led you to experiment and try things in ways no one else has before.  They might not work every time but even the misses taught you something.

30 and over   Yowza!  You should share your knowledge!

(Disclaimer:  I made this up.  I have no experience in quiz writing or answer analysis. I'm sure you can trust the results as much as you can trust a limp spaghetti noodle as a screwdriver. But didn't you have fun reviewing your quilting repertoire?)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Thomas Fire Quilt Relief

The Thomas Fire in southern California is finally, as of this morning, 100% contained.  They will be dealing with the aftermath of the fire and the subsequent mudslides for a long time to come.

The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild is collecting blocks and making quilts for Thomas Fire victims.  If you want to make a block and bring it to our February meeting we'll mail all the blocks together.  

Perkiomen Valley Block

Instructions are here and can also be found in the files on our Facebook page

There is also a request for many quilt related items for the quilters who lost everything, and items for the quilts that are being assembled to donate. To see a list of the items they are collecting, and for more details check out the "Quilts From The Ashes" post on the Superbuzzy blog.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

We're at the Crystal Lake Public Library!

Stop in at the Crystal Lake Public Library and look at what Meg and Cari did!

Do you see all those wonderful quilty items! 

This is a month long display at the Crystal Lake Public Library. The library added a sign with our guild name and our website. 

Lots of patrons will pass by this and surely many will be inclined to stop and take a look at all the wonderful items.  Perhaps some will be inspired to take up quilting. Maybe there are quilters in the area that don't already know about our guild, and they will be interested in joining us.  

Great job, Meg and Cari!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Party

Our December meeting was a Christmas Party with many elves in attendance.  Some were full fledged, head to toe elves. Some were closet elves. Some merry, some mothering, some fantasy elves. You might ask "aren't all elves fantasy?" NO! Don't say that! Believe! Unless you want underwear for Christmas.

We enjoyed so much good food!  What a spread! Great job, everyone!

A funny story about our cousin elves at the North Pole (who enjoyed more than just food at their party, if you know what I mean (wink, wink)) preceded the opening of a fun package they sent to us.
We unwound their party induced crazily wrapped packages to find presents large and small, yummy chocolate candy, and (whomp, whomp) coal.

Secret Sisters were revealed.
It was fun all around to see the secrets revealed and to give gifts to the person who had been taking care of us all year.

That Reminds Me of a Song
Challenge projects were due.

So many creative pieces and fun stories to go with them.

It was a meeting so I'm sure there was some business conducted, but mostly it was just plain fun!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Welcome to our new blog!

Let's start off with a recap.  We have had quite a year....

We learned all about the fabric manufacturing process, how to get the most out of layer cakes, using yoga for our sewing weary muscles. We enjoyed a round robin of techniques - members shared their expertise with the rest of us. 

We had presentations about vintage textiles, our founding members, Quilts of Valor, Pink Quilts for Cancer, and a trunk show by Kathleen Tracy.

We had a rockin' beach party.

A fabric garage sale sent some of us home with lots of new-to-us fabric, and helped clear the shelves (so they can fill them up again!) of others of us.

As a part of giving back...

We said thanks.

We offered comfort.

We talked, snacked, laughed, had lots of show and tell, and generally enjoyed quilt centered talk and each other.

Tomorrow we'll all celebrate Christmas together at our December meeting.  Then let's look forward to a new year in quilting adventures.

Visit our blog often. We plan to share meeting information, recap program presentations, post pictures of quilts, ideas, information about quilty places to go, and more, more, more!