Friday, May 11, 2018

Wool Work with Kysa Meek

At our April meeting Kysa inspired us all with her beautiful samples!

Look at these cute little chicks!
The sticking out static electricity stitches (sorry, I didn't catch the real name of those stitches, lol) and the splayed legs on some of them makes them look brand new.  Sooooo cute!

 This one speaks to all of us!

I think Kysa said this was her first project. (I never would've guessed it was a first one.) She said she learned so much doing it.  And she wound up with a beautiful piece for all her work.

This one had so much detail you could look at it for the longest time discovering all the different stitches and cute additions.  It was a delightful piece of art. 

Here's a few pictures of some of the details....

It makes you want to pick up some wool and a needle and start stitching!

Kysa gave us lots of tips regarding needles and supplies, felting, choosing wool, and more.  I know she left many of us wanting to try wool work, and those who have done it before, wanting to pull it out again.  

Thanks for a great program, Kysa!