Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Party

Our December meeting was a Christmas Party with many elves in attendance.  Some were full fledged, head to toe elves. Some were closet elves. Some merry, some mothering, some fantasy elves. You might ask "aren't all elves fantasy?" NO! Don't say that! Believe! Unless you want underwear for Christmas.

We enjoyed so much good food!  What a spread! Great job, everyone!

A funny story about our cousin elves at the North Pole (who enjoyed more than just food at their party, if you know what I mean (wink, wink)) preceded the opening of a fun package they sent to us.
We unwound their party induced crazily wrapped packages to find presents large and small, yummy chocolate candy, and (whomp, whomp) coal.

Secret Sisters were revealed.
It was fun all around to see the secrets revealed and to give gifts to the person who had been taking care of us all year.

That Reminds Me of a Song
Challenge projects were due.

So many creative pieces and fun stories to go with them.

It was a meeting so I'm sure there was some business conducted, but mostly it was just plain fun!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Welcome to our new blog!

Let's start off with a recap.  We have had quite a year....

We learned all about the fabric manufacturing process, how to get the most out of layer cakes, using yoga for our sewing weary muscles. We enjoyed a round robin of techniques - members shared their expertise with the rest of us. 

We had presentations about vintage textiles, our founding members, Quilts of Valor, Pink Quilts for Cancer, and a trunk show by Kathleen Tracy.

We had a rockin' beach party.

A fabric garage sale sent some of us home with lots of new-to-us fabric, and helped clear the shelves (so they can fill them up again!) of others of us.

As a part of giving back...

We said thanks.

We offered comfort.

We talked, snacked, laughed, had lots of show and tell, and generally enjoyed quilt centered talk and each other.

Tomorrow we'll all celebrate Christmas together at our December meeting.  Then let's look forward to a new year in quilting adventures.

Visit our blog often. We plan to share meeting information, recap program presentations, post pictures of quilts, ideas, information about quilty places to go, and more, more, more!